Soft Baked Pretzels

My week has been filled with Homeschool curriculum planning, bullet-journaling, 18th century fiction, back to school shopping, and of course… baking!

Today I’ll share with you an incredible Keto recipe for a satisfying soft-baked snack. Like the majority of Gluten Free recipes I share, it’s incredibly simple to achieve! Anyone can make these delicious soft baked pretzels. The best part? It takes only 20 minutes from start to finish!

Here’s what you’ll need to make a batch of 6-8 pretzels:

3/4  Cups Almond Flour 

1 egg

2 Tbs Cream Cheese (full fat)

1 ½ cups shredded Mozzarella Cheese

That’s it!

I’m opposed to the term “fathead dough,” but essentially, that is what this is. {Cheese-dough sounds much more appetizing!}

The almond flour I buy runs about $11 at Walmart (yes, Wally-World carries this brand). It’s a big bag that will make about 8 batches of these pretzels

Are you following a Low-Carb diet?

If you ate this entire batch of Keto/GF pretzels, it would be a total of only 20 grams/carbs (and about 9 would be fiber).

Enough math! Let’s make some pretzels!


Start by setting the oven to 350 F.

Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray. (You can also spread wax paper over the cookie sheet and rub it with a little butter to prevent sticking.)

Measure 1 1/2 Cups of Mozzarella and toss it into a microwave-safe bowl.

Next, scoop 2 Tablespoons of Cream Cheese and throw that in the bowl as well.20180728_131701 (2)

Microwave this for 30 seconds.

Then, using a fork, give it a good stir.


20180728_131916 (2)
(well mixed ^^^)

Mix it well and then microwave it another 30 seconds.


Continue to do this until the cheese is melted (do it in 30 second intervals, stirring thoroughly in between). It usually takes me 4 rounds of heating and stirring, totaling 2 minutes in the microwave.

When it’s smooth and well mixed, it’s ready for the next step!

well melted and smooth!

Add 1 egg into the cheese mixture


Measure 3/4 cups of the Almond Flour and add that to the bowl. Begin to mix it all together with the fork.


Usually, I start running the water faucet at this point. Run the water on low and quickly wet your hands. The “dough” is fun (and quite easier) to mix with your hands. Wetting them a bit keeps it from sticking.

20180728_132551 (2)
use your hands!

Knead the cheese dough, squishing and turning it over until it’s well mixed.

Note: If your cheese is melted well and thoroughly mixed, 
the pretzels will have a more bread-like consistency.

When you are ready to start rolling your pretzels, grab out a small portion of the dough. (This piece pictured is a little bigger than a large egg. Grab pieces this size or a bit smaller to roll. It may help you to separate sections of dough ahead of time. To do this, take the whole clump of dough and portion it into 6, 7, or 8 separate, smaller clumps).


With wet hands, roll the doll in your hands to stretch it out.

When the roll has reached about 20 inches in length, set it into a “U” shape. Still holding the ends of the roll, cross them over each other, then twist. Lay the twist flat at the base of the “U”. This creates the classic Pretzel shape.

Here is a real time video of my pretzel rolling method:

In between every other pretzel, I wet my hands again. (It’s a lot harder to roll with dry doughy hands, so I encourage you to wet your hands as well!)


Bake those beauties for 15 minutes. They’ll be ready when they are golden-brown on top!


After letting them cool for a few minutes, use a spatula to lift them up. That’s it!

20180727_173012 (2)
I didn’t photograph them when I pulled them out of the oven, so this will have to do!

Our favorite “add on” is a little brushing of melted butter and Himalayan Pink Salt! We also love it with mustard. We’ve tried cinnamon and stevia too (that wasn’t my favorite).

These are also delicious when re-warmed (15 seconds is all you need)!


Let’s recap:

Oven to 350F.

Warm 1 ½ cups Mozzarella and 2 Tbs Cream Cheese in the microwave 
(30 seconds at a time, stirring well in between).
When Cheeses are melted and mixed, add 1 Egg and ¾ cups of Almond Flour. 
Stir this together, then with wet hands, squish the dough into submission.
Grease a cookie sheet 
(or line with wax paper and lightly spray non-stick cooking oil)
Separate the dough into smaller pieces.
Roll each piece long and lay it into the pretzel shape. 
Wetting hands every now and then will help with the stickiness.
Bake pretzels for 15 minutes.

Cool and enjoy!

Simple right? You can totally do this!

I would love to hear how your pretzels turn out! What did you think of this simple recipe? Leave me a comment to let me know! Then stay tuned for more delicious recipes to come.

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