A day in the life of This stay at home mom.

Today, someone called me super mom. …When someone texts you, it’s nearly impossible to correctly identify their tone, so my first instinct was to think that she meant it sarcastically. (she didn’t)

I am Not a super mom. I’m not even a super person.

I’m a person who has 30 spinning plates {did I say 30? I meant 300!} But what busy mom- what busy Person for that matter, doesn’t?

I have been so spoiled this week. My mother in law came for an extended visit and I got to sleep in every. single. day! Today, I was back to the grind; back to being woken up by a 5 year old jumping directly on my bladder {a unique skill my children have}. Back to my day-to-day life: the life of a Mom who stays and works from home.

4 or 5 years ago, staying home with my kids seemed like a far-off, distant dream come true. I had visions of Netflix marathons, endless dance parties, playdates, and a spotless house.

My how my outlook has changed!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do. I cherish this time I get to spend with the bright balls of energy I call my children. But to say that life at home was what I was expecting? That would be a lie.

It’s not easy. My house is not clean (unless I have a LuLaRoe event within the hour!) I do spend my days with my kids and sometimes, it does include netflix, or more likely, PBS kids or Disney Jr!

I spent today creating a schedule for our next 2 weeks. Armed with my Erin Condren planner and a huge collection of encouraging stickers, I set to work detailing our life: organizing events, trainings, meal planning, cleaning, sales, lesson plans (for my home-schooling youngins… I even scheduled a time for me to sit down and set the following week’s schedule!

I fed the kids, we played together. We Did in fact have a dance party. We baked a cake and then I had them go upstairs for nap time (which we refer to as “quiet time”)

I cannot Exist without this “quiet time” ❤ It’s as much for me as it is for them!

I had a shopper come for a personal styling session during that time. I loaded the dishwasher and very quietly watched 2 episodes of Girls. (I’m in season 3 and absolutely obsessed!)

Before long, the kids came back downstairs. We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and I cried. {How could I not? Jay Baruchel is accepted as chief and lays a big ol kiss on America Ferrera. Meanwhile Gerard Butler sacrificed his life for his son and somehow, I missed that Kit Herrington joined the cast!} That movie gives me the feels and the kids giggle when they see me tear up.

They took turns doing ABCMouse and then my husband called…

I told him happy birthday.

He told me his car wouldn’t start.

So I bundled up my kiddos and drove to his work about 30 min away. On the way home, we swung by Kroger. We bought steak and shrimp and all the fixins for loaded mashed potatoes. Somewhere along the way, Silas let it slip that we had made a special cake for Daddy!  Here it is in all of its glory

It’s not fancy, but it sure is fun!

My husband made a simple birthday request. He just wanted to eat a good steak and watch basketball.

I don’t care. You have to have a cake on your birthday. It’s the law. Well, it’s My law anyway! So he gets a basketball themed gluten free chocolate birthday cake.

Wanna know a gluten free secret? You don’t have to try super hard with gluten free. Just buy the Betty Crocker GF cake mix. It’s outstanding. {trust me}

The kids ran round and round the kitchen until Belle needed a breathing treatment. I herded them up the stairs and began the 45 min process of putting them to bed. Then I sat on the couch to finish playing with my planner and write this post!

ain’t it perty?

And that’s it.

It’s not a super mom life and it’s Not what I thought it would be. It’s not even a super fancy life. But I think it’s an outstanding life in its own right. I used to think my days with these kids was a bit like Groundhog Day {if you haven’t seen that movie- you need to. It’s fantastic} Living similar versions of the same day, over and over again- all but stuck on repeat.

I no longer feel that way. Each day is shiny and new. Each day is different and another chance to grow and shine! I live each day with intention and mission; to connect with at least one other person and to encourage them. Sure, to sell beautiful clothes, but also to help people Feel incredible. I help my children learn and explore and I take time to myself and be the best woman/mom/wife/friend that I can be.

That’s it. That’s a day in my {beautiful} life ❤


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