Transitions are Hard!

Boy, transitions can be challenging! Moving from High School to college or the real world; transitions between jobs; transition to marriage or to having a baby…or 2 …or more!

We go through transitions every single day! For me, just transitioning from January to February has kicked my booty!

Now I could complain and go on and on about the things that have happened in the last week. I’m not gonna do that. Instead, I’m going to share the struggles I’ve had and then share why it’s Not such bad things that have happened. Even through these metaphorically rainy days, I feel genuinely taken care of and ready for whatever comes next.

Let me dive in with our house.

Last month, we were faced with a big decision. Our lease was ending February 28th and we needed to tell our landlord by January 28th if we intended to stay. We LOVE our house… but our hope was to find a place closer to Dylan’s work that was less expensive. Eventually, we would like to be able to buy a house. I’m pretty against renting if I can help it.

But when we search for a house, we have to think about the kids and their space. We think about the details of not wanting to endure stairs daily and how much I will have to clean. (I love to cook but PLEASE don’t make me clean!) We also make it a priority to live in a home with an ideal space to house my clothing boutique!

We searched and found a house at the very front of our neighborhood that checked all of those boxes! Our application was sent and accepted! We were gung ho ready to move. But it just didn’t feel right. Looking more closely at the agreement, they wanted a security deposit that was 1 1/2 times the monthly rent. They wanted a Full month’s rent 2 weeks later, then another prorated rent a week after that. All of that combined plus the February rent in our current house would have had us paying out almost $6000 in less than 30 days!

I thought that was a little excessive.

The property management company wouldn’t budge and really treated us as an automated computer system would. So we spoke to our current landlord. We wanted to stay.

All of that stress and emotion; and all for nothing. We weren’t going to save money in that new, smaller house… so why not stay where we are?

I could be upset and kick and cry saying it’s not fair. I could succumb to the stress and believe me, there were moments when I nearly did. But there is a major bright side! We don’t have to Pack or Move 4 streets over. We don’t have to repaint and fill in holes. We can actually decorate our home more! Our relationship with our fantastic landlord stands strong and we don’t have to mess with any of that again for another 12 months!

Transition one- we’re moving… not wait… we’re not. We’ve extended our lease and saved ourselves a headache and at least $4000 too!

Next up is our energy levels. Last weekend the kids came down with that sniffly, feverish bug that everyone seems to have had. I’ve kept them away from the world and their recovery has been slow. They were on the mend but now have new symptoms… tummy symptoms. It’s hard not to succumb to this one. Sickness is kicking our house in the booty.

Transition two- sickness: we’re winning… ok you’re winning… but not for long!

Finally, we’re left with, possibly the toughest challenge of all: my car.

Late last Saturday night, Dylan (or “the hubs” as I like to call him) was driving my car on the highway and the right front tire blew. The cement wall along the interstate helped him come to a stop. A kind stranger helped him put on the spare and he came home, miraculously uninjured. I contacted the insurance company and they had our car towed to a collision shop for inspection and they set me (and the kids) up in a rented Toyota Camry.

Late Wednesday night, we received official word that the car (my beautiful Dodge Journey) was a Total Loss. Today we cleaned her out and said our goodbyes.

I don’t think it’s strange to feel emotionally attached to a vehicle. Here we are.

So my hunt is on for a new family car that will also be ideal for hauling my amazing LuLaRoe boutique all over the place.

The end of January may have whooped us, but February will not have us beat!

I’m starting this month off with a brand new shipment of Noir II (that’s all black solid pieces). Everyone needs some black in their wardrobe! I’m claiming it. February is going to be our best month yet!

It’s started out with a bang and I’m convinced that this month will be all fireworks! I get to pick out a new car, I get to order new clothes every single week AND I don’t even have to lift a finger to move out of my favorite house!

Take that transition #3!

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