A Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

What a year this has been!

We have a household of 4. Two of us are immuno-compromised and if you have followed my site for any length of time, you may remember that we are a family with celiac disease. We have taken social distancing seriously. I’m so pleased to say that it has been quite a while since we have suffered with sickness in our home.

With that being said, Halloween is here! I am faced with a resounding question: Will we trick or treat?

To put it simply… no.

The Marshalls are staying home this year.

But y’all, I love Halloween! I love to spookify the house and watch Hocus Pocus 31 times. I love to bake pumpkin things and take the kids to the pumpkin patch. Ironically, I actually took them today. (We were the only ones there as it’s a school day and the windy Texas temp stayed in the 40s!)

So this year, we’re taking a different approach to Halloween! We’re staying home and having our own special spooky night. We’ll watch Halloween movies (I’m thinking Hocus Pocus, Frankenweenie, Monster House and Paranorman?)

We’ll dress up and take pictures. I’ll hand out candy at the door, while wearing my mask.

But to jazz things up a bit, I’ve come up with a fun activity to do with the kids while we hang out at home. I have created a special scavenger hunt for them to enjoy!

Tonight’s post is my way of sharing that fun with you! Please feel free to screen shot, save images or download files if you wish! Here’s how it works:

I’ve written 12 clues which lead to various common locations in houses. (fridge, washer, bookshelf, etc). I will print and cut out each of these clues and place them at different locations throughout the house. Each time the kids solve a clue, they will be led to the next one. Because we won’t be trick or treating, I will leave a small treat at each clue. Finally, at the last clue, there will be a little gift for each of them. (For Si, a lego station. For B, a puzzle)

I didn’t spend much money on the gifts at all. There will be some candy, but the treats are mostly surprise toys and trinkets I found at dollar tree!

A year or two ago, we did a horcrux scavenger hunt for harry potter’s birthday. Someday when I have the gumption, I’ll share that with yall as well 🙂 but for today, this is my gift. There are no ads or fees. Just feel free to use and enjoy!

Whether you are staying home, or braving the night and going door to door, I hope you have a fun, safe, and happy halloween!

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