Gluten Free Holiday: Mashed Potatoes

Spoiler Alert: Potatoes are a naturally gluten free food!

Oh yes! Mashed Potatoes are one of the many delicious foods you can indulge in {within reason}

There is a variety of potato options out there. I prefer the flavor of baby-reds most! I also like russet potatoes or yukon gold if I can’t find either.

But when preparing for this year’s Thanksgiving Feast, I came across something I hadn’t seen before: Low Carb Potatoes! (say what??)

hello, new friend!

I grabbed a bag and decided to go for it! This recipe will work with your favorite potato option too. It’s easy and fast and best-served-hot!

You will need:

Potatoes! (6-8 med/large potatoes)
Butter (3-4 Tablespoons)
Sour Cream (about 1 cup)
Chicken Broth (1/4 cup; make sure it's gluten free)
Half n Half (3/4 cup, maybe a little extra!)
Salt & Pepper

Here are my potatoes! I used about half the bag.20181108_130413

I rarely peel my spuds. I think it gives my mashed potatoes more color and personality! But if you want to peel yours, peel away my friend! It is Always a good idea to wash them first!

Once they’ve had a little rinse, chop them up!

I cut my spuds into little pieces… That way, they cook a little quicker and are easier to mash!

Fill a large pot up about half-way with water. Place your chopped potatoes into the pot

20181108_131004Add about a Tablespoon of salt. Trust me on this: potatoes soak up seasonings like sponges! 1 TBS is not too much salt!

Bring the pot to a boil and turn it down to med-high. Allow the potatoes to boil for 10 minutes.

When the chopped potatoes are good and tender, they are ready to be mashed! You can test their tenderness by scooping up a couple pieces and piercing them with a fork. If the fork goes in smoothly, they are done. If there is any resistance, then the potatoes need a couple more minutes.

Put a colander (strainer) in the sink and drain your potatoes. Best practice: Always pour boiling liquids away from you to avoid steam burns. (my Mom taught me that)

Next: it’s time to mash!

Once your potatoes are drained, place a tablespoon or 2 of butter in a big bowl. Pour the freshly boiled, chopped potatoes on top of that butter. Add another tablespoon or 2 to the top of the butter. Get mashing! Smash them very well. {I like mine a little lumpy, but I know some who will use a stand mixer for this task to get their potatoes extra smooth!}

20181108_133646This is a bit of an arm work-out by hand, but hey, potatoes have a lot of carbs! It’s worth the effort!

well hello there handsome… you look good enough to eat!

Once the potatoes get mashed, they cool down relatively quickly. I add the butter first so it melts beautifully into the potatoes!

Next, we’ll add salt (1/2 tablespoon) and a little more butter {1-2 more tablespoons couldn’t hurt, right?}

20181108_133853We’re getting smoother!

Now grab the sour cream. Add it in little dollops at a time: 20181108_134032

Dividing 1 cup of sour cream and blending it very well gives this dish a smoothness and just a little something extra!20181108_134125All blended? Good! Let’s add some chicken broth! Always be sure to check your labels on chicken broth. This Swanson’s may have been $1 more than the walmart brand, but I know it’s safe to eat! If you have the turkey made, you can substitute chicken broth for the natural Turkey Broth created while cooking your bird!


I take time to blend each ingredient separately and well.

Next up is the half n half!20181108_134204

Mix and Mash and Smash and Blend. Soon your potatoes will be so smooth and delicious!

Like these:20181108_134257Pepper is my favorite. I add this little bit last!


Honey, you are done!

Ready for a recap?

Rinse, then chop potatoes. 
Boil chopped potatoes for 10 min
Drain when tender. 
In a big bowl, add butter and mash until smooth!
Add sour cream, mix thoroughly.
Add broth and half n half. Mix thoroughly.
Salt and Pepper and you're done!


If you will not be eating these delicious potatoes within about 30 minutes of making them, you can warm them up! Place them in the oven on 275 for about 10 minutes and they should be perfect!


Other notes:

-We make mashed potatoes year-round! At times, we love to add shredded cheddar cheese. If you want to do this too, add your shredded cheese right after the butter. Your potatoes should still be hot enough to melt the cheese!

-These are best served hot. (i.e. it’s a time sensitive dish) If you have other dishes to work on, I suggest chopping the potatoes and placing them in the water, ready to boil. Don’t boil them until you are ready to roll! Leaving them out may cause them to turn color. Letting them rest in water will temporarily prevent that!


I hope your Mashed Potatoes are a masterpiece this holiday season and I would love to hear what you think!

*Take a poll in the comments below: How do you prefer your spuds… peeled or unpeeled?

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