Beauty From the Inside Out

Bringing you inspiration and a bit of fashion education!

Spreading beauty, confidence and comfort with LuLaRoe.

Two years ago, I rediscovered what it was like to feel truly beautiful in what I wear.

My youngest (my daughter) was born 10 weeks premature. Her entrance into this world changed me. I suddenly became a “preemie mom”. When she came home from the hospital, I spent my days on the couch feeding her and caring for my (then 2 year old) son.  I became a reclusive. Her immune system was so delicate. If I would allow her to go to the church nursery, she would end up back in the hospital by the end of the week! 

This was such a difficult time. And the truth is, I really began to let myself go. With a little one having so much trouble, the last thing on your mind is how your hair and makeup look, or what clothes you wear. (You want comfort. You want stability.)

In November of 2015, a friend of mine invited me to a LuLaRoe pop up that she was hosting. I went, wearing my baby in the Ergo! My friend offered to hold my little one so I could try on some clothes. I tried on nearly Every style! Each time I came out with a new shirt or dress, I heard oohs and ahhs from the random shoppers I had previously never met before.

On that night, for the first time in such a long time, I actually felt Beautiful!

A few months later, it was my turn. I talked with my husband and told him I was interested in selling these clothes. He told me to write a business plan (sorry, what now?)… He had me hash out the details and really consider what it would mean for us, where would I keep the clothes, how we cover the investment, etc.

I did it. On paper, at least, I covered all of the bases. He gave me the green light and I haven’t stopped ever since!

I quickly discovered something incredible:

Helping other women feel beautiful is a beautiful thing! To meet woman after woman and get to know them- then to help them find an outfit that makes them feel amazing?… That right there is why I do this.

Beauty, real beauty shines from the inside out. But there is something so special (magical even!) about a fantastic outfit. When you Look good, you Feel good! You walk taller! You feel more confident! For so many of us, self confidence is our secret struggle (my goodness what an understatement!)! I want to help change that! My passion is to help my customers rediscover what it’s like to feel truly beautiful, confident and even unstoppable… just like I do ❤

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