More Than Just A Costume!

As a child, I loved dressing up each Halloween; as an adult, that hasn’t changed!

But how, as a (mature?) adult …as a modest woman/mom can you rock an awesome costume, but still come across as classy and chic? How can you do this and not waste your money?

The secret is to create a costume for yourself from versatile pieces you can wear again and again!

Allow me to inspire you with some clever ideas for costumes for You this Halloween! Whether you look in your closet and find similar items, or purchase some unique LuLaRoe pieces from my personal boutique, I hope you create something stunning this All Hallows Eve!

~This post includes links to my shop (and a couple to amazon too!~


Keep it Simple! Girl, all you need is a little black dress! On one of my recent trips to Dollar Tree, I found a “cat costume.” $1 bought me a sparkly tail, ears, and a little bow (which I decided looked best in my hair). Could it be any easier? Eye liner on my nose and cheeks really brought the look to life!

For this outfit, I’m wearing a classic black LuLaRoe Julia Dress in 2XL! Julia is a form fitting sheath dress. It has mid-length sleeves and falls about knee level.


Who says you can’t recycle your son’s Halloween costume? We bought this Iron Man mask in the “one spot” (bullseye’s playground) at Target for $3!

This is an XL Julia dress from my shop. It’s feminine with the subtle mosiac background. It’s also sporty with those stripes on the sleeves. I created the “arc reactor” out of construction paper!

You can purchase this XL Julia dress in my shop {first come, first serve}!


Be a bank robber this year! Grab a striped shirt, a mask, and some black leggings! Wanna go all out? Make a canvas money bag (or buy one on Amazon)! It could hold your phone and lipstick while you take the kids trick or treating!

I created this look with one of my favorite Perfect Ts. A Perfect T is long enough to cover you modestly if you wear it with leggings. It’s full in the torso and has a little swing! I size down to a Medium or Large for a slightly more fitted look. I paired it with Black Tall & Curvy leggings (who doesn’t need black leggings?!) I crocheted this mask in about 30 minutes! I wrote up the pattern if you’re crafty like that:

Using Black Yarn (red heart super saver!) and a G hook (boye 4.25mm)
Ch 70. Sl st into the first ch space to form a circle.
Row 1: Ch3. DC all the way around the circle; on DC per ch space
       (69 DC, ch3 counts as 1 DC space= 70 DC total)
       sl st into 3rd ch on first stitch.
Row 2: Ch3 (counts as one DC). DC into the next 52 spaces.
Row 3: Ch3 (counts as one DC). Turn and DC across. Tie off and weave ends.
Row 3  Cont: Bridge of nose~ From Right to Left side of row 2 opening
       skip 8 spaces. DC into next 4 spaces. Ch3 turn and DC next 3 spaces.
       tie off and weave ends.
    *Sl st into outer corner of Left eye. Ch8. 
       sc over 4 bridge of nose stitches. Ch 8. 
       sl st into outer corner of Right eye. 
Row 4: Beginning in outer corner of right eye, ch3 
       DC in each space, all the way around.
       (row 4 will be crocheting in the Opposite direction as row 3)
       Continue to DC into each ch space (over eyes and bridge of nose)
Finish at outer corner of right eye. Tie off/weave in ends.



Have a yellow dress? Be a Pineapple! I used construction paper to make my crown!

This is a 3XL Carly dress. It’s versatile and unbelievably comfortable! Ordinarily I would wear a small or medium Carly as they are fairly oversized and flowy. For this costume, I figured, the bigger, the better!

Carly can be tied, belted, worn loose, layered with leggings or skirts; even jeans! It is the dress everyone must own! You can actually purchase this one right here. {first come, first serve}


Hades is quite the villain! To create his look, you need blue and black. You can go all-out with the hair if you’re ultra-daring! {This could be a fun group costume if you include Hercules and Megara!}

For this costume, I pulled a Large Amelia dress from my shop. That baby has Pockets! An Amelia is a wonderful, more upscale dress. The sleeves are fitted to about mid-bicep. The fitted bodice hits right at the smallest part of your torso. Hand-set box pleats surround the waist, actually blending in those pockets. The back has an exposed zipper. Get this: you can even turn it around and wear it backward for a v-neck look!

If you wanna be this bad, bad, bad-guy this Halloween, grab a blue and black dress! A blue wig and some sassy make up will really pull the look together! If you’d like This dress, you can grab it here.


In my experience, Villains are the most fun roles to play! Why not go as the Mistress of All Evil this Halloween?

To create this look, I chose Purple and Black pieces. I’m wearing a violet Carly dress with a black lace Shirley Kimono here. Shirley is a flowy, duster length kimono. The sleeves are 3/4 and loose. The front is gracefully tapered.

I shopped Amazon for the horns!

What is it about those horns? I put them on and internally, I become Maleficent!


Loki: burdened with glorious purpose… an intriguing villain in the Marvel community. I did not bring myself to buy Loki’s headpiece, BUT I know amazon can help you out. I did however create the “Loki look” with some simple pieces.

Loki’s colors are gold and green and black (and is sinister a color? If so, this “mischief maker” is full of that!)

I used a Large Joy vest; doesn’t it look like a robe? Underneath, I’ve tied a 3X Perfect T to the side. There’s something regal in that side knot and the way the fabric pulls and folds. These two items you can find in my shop!  As for the horns… I’m afraid you’re on your own!


You can’t have Loki without his Asgardian brother! Enough with the villains, why not become a hero this Halloween?

To create this festive Thor costume, grab some grey and red! This Joy Vest is long, duster length. It’s from the Lularoe elegant collection so it’s shiny and glamorous! (It’s also a Medium!)

Any grey will do underneath, but I chose this extraordinarily stretchy and soft 2X Carly dress! (both the dress and vest can be found here)

Thor’s gotta have his hammer, Mjolnir!


Be a light to everyone you see! Go as Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast!

Lumiere is a french candelabra and friend to Belle within the Beast’s castle. (I kind of love this one!)

For this look, You’ll need a thin headband, a thumb tack or two, and 3 candles!

With the thumb tacks, poke a hole through the headband and into the bottom of a candle. When it’s secure, gently place it on your head, centering the candle! *Please, for everyone’s safety, don’t wear a LIT candle on your head!

I’m wearing a beautiful gold Amelia dress for this costume (it’s XL and it’s available here)

Don’t wanna carry those candles around all night? No worries! This dress has POCKETS!

~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~

Each year, I spend time putting together creative Lularoe costume ideas for my customers and friends (and for myself too!)

Here’s a look back at some of the nifty things I have come up with in years past!


No matter what you decide to be this year, go in confidence and feel beautiful; feel inspired!

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