Complete Your Outfit!

A killer outfit can give you an incredible confidence.

When you feel gorgeous in what you wear, you walk a little taller; there’s a skip in your step! You Know you look good.

Most days, my “mom uniform” is leggings and a top (usually the Perfect T or Irma). But when I wanna kick things up a notch, I do two things: I add a sassy outer layer and I put on a fabulous pair of shoes!

The LuLaRoe designers have created several options to complete (and elevate) any outfit. Today, I’m going to tell you about 3 of those fabulous pieces! {I carry all of these in my shop! Send me an email if you would like to see the inventory I currently have available}

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THE SARAH: Sarah is a duster cardigan.  It’s long; it falls below the knee. It has long, fitted sleeves and pockets midway down each side. (Who doesn’t love pockets?) Sarah is usually pretty true-to size, but some are able to go up or down a size as well! Sarah comes in sizes XS-XL c2e496fa722b3fba8fca3369c09e5aab

Sarah is graceful: like a Fashionable, comfy blanket and sweater combined. You cannot have enough of these beauties! They come in a variety of fabrics, prints, and solids!

Sarah is a wonderful piece to layer. Try it solo: loose and free. Try it belted (skinny belt on top, right at the skinniest part of your waist). Put a lace Joy vest on first “peek-a-boo” mix! Put a Shirley underneath for added warmth and a dramatic cascade of fabric. There is a number of beautiful ways to style this Beautiful duster cardigan!

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THE JOY: This vest actually fills me with Joy when I wear it! It’s a flattering, almost romantic thing to put on. Joy is long (duster length, just like the Sarah). It is of course sleeveless. Along each side is a long slit. The slit meets about hip level. (that’s the perfect place! If you are wearing it with an Amelia dress or a Madison skirt, that’s right where the pockets are! You can slip your hand right in!) What’s more, that slit gives it a lovely flow!LuLaRoe_winter_354.jpg

Just like the Sarah cardigan, this vest comes in sizes XS- XL. Most of the fabrics are very stretchy and forgiving. Many women can go up or down a size in Joy.


Joy comes in a variety of beautiful solids, patterns, fabrics and textures! This is a piece that looks beautiful, no matter your body type! The back of it is actually very flattering: it gracefully hides any unwanted rolls.

Joy can be worn loose. It can be belted. It can even be worn backward over another piece! Try it under a Sarah or Shirley. Throw one on over a pair of leggings and a Carly. Try it over a strapless dress… but just try it! It’s hard for me to find someone who Doesn’t want to buy one once they try it on!


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THE LINDSAY: A loose and free flowing Kimono! Lindsay is a beautiful piece that (like these other lovelies) will complete any outfit!


If you think the sizing on Joy and Sarah was flexible, you’ll Love the Lindsay! It comes in 3 sizes, but many women can wear more than one size. (I’m a true XL and I can wear all 3 sizes if the fabric is stretchy and gorgeous!)

Lindsay is the shortest outer-layering piece I carry. The sleeves fall about 3/4 length and are much looser than that of a Sarah. The front is open and falls straight across. The back swoops lower (in other words, it has hi-low hemline).

Lindsay is a fantastic piece to wear all year long! Use it as a beach or pool cover up. Wear it over leggings and a top. Criss-cross it over your chest and wear it as a shirt with a Madison skirt! Belt it on top. Tie it on the side; tie it in the front! Wear it like a shawl, or layer it with the other great outer pieces! The possibilities are almost endless with the Lindsay!

These are three incredible styles; all are amazing tools to complete your outfit!. There are plenty more that I will be adding to my boutique in the near future! Which one of these is your favorite? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for reading!





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