Why You Need a Carly, Right Now!

A year and a half ago, an amazing new dress was introduced to LuLaRoe fashion retailers: The Carly.

Since that time, the Carly dress has grown to become the most popular selling style, over all other amazing pieces in the LuLaRoe collection! (this holds true in my boutique as well!)

When I first saw this dress, I’ll be honest… it did not appeal to me! After all, it’s Full. (i like things a little more fitted) There is a Lot of fabric! I remember saying that it looked like the perfect T, but in dress form! I was very, very wrong!

Carly Graphic2

The Carly dress looks beautiful on Every body type. That means, no matter who you are, you can look gorgeous in one of these dresses!

You can wear it loose, like the gal above. You can tie it up high with a big knot. I styled my friend below with a Cassie (stretchy pencil skirt) underneath. She. Looks. Smokin! (and that was a Fun photoshoot with a great Frisco, TX photographer!)

Photo by: Melissa Herrington

Another great way to layer this beautiful dress is by pairing it with a shirt! Below, I styled my friend in a Carly dress with a Perfect T on top! A little tie on the side of the perfect-t adds a Hint at her silhouette! It’s still flowy and Very flattering!

photo by: Melissa Herrington

The possibilities are endless when it comes to layering a Carly!

But why do you Need one? (or 44!)

Trust me, once you put this dress on, you will Not wanna take it off! Carly, like the other LuLaRoe styles, is oh-so-Comfortable! It’s not just a long and flowy t-shirt. It is a dress! It’s easy to dress up, or dress down. It’s easy to layer and style! Carly is THE piece to get!

Let’s break it down a bit: The Carly flares out, just below the chest. The sleeves are short (similar to the sleeves of the LuLaRoe Classic T) and not too tight. The neckline is higher and most of the time, you’ll find a pocket sewn right over your heart. The bottom hem of this dress is hi-low. That means it’s longer in the back and shorter in the front!

For me (a True XL in nearly everything I wear), Carly does Wonders for my ego! For women on the highest and lowest ends of the sizing scale (women who wear xxs, xs and those in 2X, 3X, 4X), I recommend staying true to size. But for those of us in between, I say, go down a size or 2! Seriously!

Can you imagine? I’m an XL and I can Comfortably wear a Medium, or even a Small Carly!

In this Halloween photo, I’ve Belted an XS Carly for my simple costume! Don’t forget the Leggings!

Carly is made to be Versatile! If you find a pattern or color you just Love, why not try it! Most of the fabrics are stretchy and breathable!

Ok, have I convinced you yet? If you wanna see the beautiful Carly dresses I currently have in stock, shoot me an email! I’ll send you a link where you can shop and purchase them! (First come, first serve). And remember, my inventory is constantly moving (and I get new Carly’s All the time). If you don’t find one you love right now, pretty soon I’ll get one in that is Made for You!

You can also check out my business page on facebook!  I go Live from there all the time, showing off my gorgeous clothes!

Check out these other fantastic ways to dress a Carly below! Hopefully, it will inspire you!

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