Pattern Mixing

Let’s talk Pattern Mixing!

So many people are intimidated by the concept. Some are bold and loud and proud. Others haven’t the slightest clue what it is!

Pattern Mixing is self explanatory; you take fabrics or textiles of different patterns, and you pair them together in a way that helps them complement each other.

When I first saw this trend, I was {honestly} repulsed! I remember saying, “No way! You’ll Never see me doing that!” I just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to wear an outfit that didn’t <MATCH!>

But my friend, it’s not about matching… it’s about Coordination! Don’t ask if it matches… ask: Does It Look Good Together?

Pattern mixing doesn’t have to be terrifying or over the top! It can be simple and subtle (especially for those ready to put a toe into the water). Not all of us are meant to Dive in head first! I may know (and love) pattern mixing now, but my personal preference, my safety, is to wear Solid with pattern; tried and true color blocking ❤ But when the mood strikes, it’s good to be prepared!

Here are my 3 best tips for anyone beginning to pattern mix. They’re short and sweet!

  1. The colors should complement one another.

Don’t over think it. Are the colors in the same family? Are they opposites on the color wheel? Do YOU like how they look side by side? Olive Green looks amazing with Mustard Yellow. Jewel Tones love more jewel tones. Monochromatic is magic (maybe black and grey and white? Maybe 3 different shades of cool blue?). Choose colors that look good (or feel good) with each other.

When you look at your closet to explore options for mixing, hold things up and ask Yourself, “Do I like the way these look together?” After all, You are the one that’s gonna be wearing it!

     2. Mix Big with Small!

This is where it can get tricky, but don’t lose heart! My favorite piece of advice on this is to have fun. Choose a tightly grouped pattern (thin stripes – tiny flowers – little polka dots – anything that’s small and clustered- or busy). Then choose a Bigger pattern to go with it. (maybe Big Blooms, Widely spaced polka dots, geometrics, or Thick stripes).

When I say to put Big with Small, I mean to choose a big print or a spaced out print and pair it with a busy, tightly clustered print.

z (2)
Tight stripes with spaced out, big floral blooms. Olive green and black go fabulously with this rust and blue! Amazing pattern Mix!
There is no burgundy in that chevron… but there is orange! Keeping that dark, autumn feel alive, I paired a solid orange shirt with busy chevron and a spaced out novelty animal print. Tight busy chevron with spaced out (negative space) and bigger Fox images
Medium stripes with spaced, big blooms! Black and white are super versatile. This is a louder look, but see how easily that fuchsia goes with the teal? That solid piece brings the whole look together!
I can’t help but love this one! Tight, even stripes and big, wide patterned leggings! Are these the same color? No way, but together, the make me happy! Awesome pattern mix!
zz (2)
Busy tiny dots on the shirt. From far away, it can actually pass as a solid! Busy stripes in the skirt- Spaced and bigger geometric pattern on the scarf. Bonus points because the scarf is Actually a Cassie skirt! Why not? I love this look!
zzz (2)
Micro stripes and fuzzy diamonds! Neutral, warm colors. this is a pattern mix Anyone could pull off! those tiny stripes blend so well, you’d think they were solid! Pattern mix for the win!

These are just a few of my favorite combinations from this past year.

Stripes with floral is a major go-to for me. Geometric with Micro-stripe… why not? Busy dots, intricate tire-stripe pattern and triangles? Absolutely! Or my favorite… Sleeping foxes with a busy chevron!

3. To calm or complete a look, add a solid staple.

Add a piece you feel comfortable in. Wild is awesome, but if a look is bolder than you like, you can tone it down- or finish it off with a solid. (I recommend a layer you can shed like the Sarah Cardigan or the Lindsay Kimono!)

Mixing Patterns can be Fun! It doesn’t have to overwhelm you! Start small! Pretty soon, you’ll find your own flavor; you’ll step out boldly and with confidence!

And if all else fails, take a picture of your proposed pattern mix and shoot me an email! I’d be happy to help!

Thanks for reading! Now go wear something Amazing!!

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